Increase visibility and boost sales

#let yourself be inspired

Sales campaigns, brand development and digital routine

We are burning for these topics

We work hand in hand with our clients to consolidate their visibility in the market. Our tools: always strategically aligned sales campaigns, distinctive brand concepts(brand development) and building digital routines (introduction of efficient workflows). Our methods: focus on consulting, strategy and implementation at the same time. Our goal: helping customers to help themselves, so that they are able to act independently. Our motto: Coaching internal and external teams in the short term (workshops) and training them in the long term (steering committee support).



#Digital routine

#2be. Feasible

Current topics for which we are burning:

#2be. Feasible

Current topics for which we are burning:

Customer journey, usability, design and programming

Linking corporate identity with brand strategy

How does my business get on page 1 in Google?

Complete position incl. Automation via Adobe InDesign

Measurable increase in sales and employee search

Implement and train PowerPoint, digital whiteboards.

Digital Jetzt, go-digital, digital bonus, use digital bonus plus

Expand YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn as sales channels

Helping people to help themselves – strengthening LinkedIn and telephone canvassing

30 – 60 sec. Films – real film shooting, 3D animation and editing

Profile optimization, implementation and workshop – help for self-help

Planning, implementation, follow-up for your sales success

Development is a team affair

Sympathetic. Helpful. Simplifying

The bestsellers

Separate yourself from what is superfluous and focus on tools and points of contact,
that bring you closer to your goal: For the sake of your customer.

Link innovations to sales processes at an early stage

2 Min.

One possible reason for this was provided by 2be’s Managing Director Matthias Brinkmann in his talk, which he gave to around a hundred invited guests at a meet-up at the Wiesbaden headquarters of Seibert/Media GmbH on September 16.

Labour market in transition:
We accompany you in this process!

2 Min.

Whether triggered by lockdowns or supply restrictions, by energy crises or the immediate aftermath of war, it is almost impossible to trace in detail. The fact is that the world of work is currently undergoing a profound upheaval that is affecting all sectors to a greater or lesser extent. It seems that more and more workers are becoming dissatisfied in their work environment at an increasing rate; at the same time, high […]

Always up to date, briefly and concisely informed about everything.

Brand personalities

B2B and B2C – from A to Z

181 further references from various industries are available on request.

We are team players

Those who do business with us can look forward to a feel-good package. We not only take care of the essential building blocks of each campaign, but also always provide the client with two contact persons* (pilot / co-pilot).

*Onboarding is the keyword here

Show working day

Matthias is sitting at his laptop, working, on the phone, Zoom meeting. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Justo eget magna fermentum iaculis eu.

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