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Link innovations to sales processes at an early stage

2 Min.

One possible reason for this was provided by 2be’s Managing Director Matthias Brinkmann in his talk, which he gave to around a hundred invited guests at a meet-up at the Wiesbaden headquarters of Seibert/Media GmbH on September 16.

Labour market in transition:
We accompany you in this process!

2 Min.

Whether triggered by lockdowns or supply restrictions, by energy crises or the immediate aftermath of war, it is almost impossible to trace in detail. The fact is that the world of work is currently undergoing a profound upheaval that is affecting all sectors to a greater or lesser extent. It seems that more and more workers are becoming dissatisfied in their work environment at an increasing rate; at the same time, high […]

Small investment – big gain: finding the right contact points

2 Min.

“No risk, no fun” is one of the shorthand phrases that promise fun in life if you’re willing to take certain risks. The fact that this also applies to the rather routine-heavy sales department may come as a surprise at first glance. But especially in the search for the right contact points, a well-measured risk […]

Turning the Internet into a top salesperson

2 Min.

Companies from the B2B sector or those with a highly complex service and product portfolio generally do not have the prerequisites to integrate a classic online store into their website. For one thing, the components that make up pricing are too diverse and variable. On the other hand, too much price transparency is usually…

As if written by a ghost

2 Min.

High-quality content builds the heart of any sales or marketing activity. The problem is that in order to create this regularly, you need the necessary in-house skills – and above all: Time. Since both are rarely available as a double pack in the busy day-to-day business, companies seek external support to create texts or other editorial components.

Recruiting for professionals:
We support you!

2 Min.

The current situation on the labor market is paradoxical: many small and medium-sized companies, agencies or freelancers are floundering due to poor order books or delivery problems; on the other hand, skilled workers are desperately sought in many (technical) industry segments. Supply and demand …

Go Digital: Exchange between consultants

2 Min.

“Go Digital” drives around: not only the smaller medium-sized companies that are seeking the funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology that has been advertised for this purpose, but also the consulting agencies that have qualified as “worthy of support” with their services. Difficulties currently arise from the …

Sharing ideas – with the co-idealists!

2 Min.

Idea generators, doers, funders: these are the three groups of people that are absolutely needed to implement true innovations – from the original idea to the final sales campaign. In order to create a common platform here, where members of those groups can meet regularly, exchange ideas and motivate each other, we have jointly …

Candidate journey digital – which tools promise success?

2 Min.

The Candidate Journey encompasses all the experiences that applicants gather at all points of contact with a potential employer. These experiences range from the job search to the application process and job interviews to the …

Mentor App:
Stay tuned!

< 1 Min.

Digital tools are also being used more and more frequently in HR and recruiting. Current example: our mentoring app. It strengthens the loyalty of new employees to their company (“Candidate Journey”) in an easy-to-act, yet very inspiring way …

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