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Trendradar – How to boost sales with customer feedback?

Lesezeit: 2 Minuten

How about being able to spot future trends simply by “scanning” large amounts of data on the Internet, “grabbing” key fragments from it, and then assembling it into holistic information? – Startup has used this exact method to create their trend radar.

Online workshop with BF/M

Lesezeit: < 1 Minute

The Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschungszentrum für Fragen der mittelständischen Wirtschaft e. V.(BF/M) has been able to position itself strategically at the Universität Bayreuth between university research and education on the one hand and SME entrepreneurship on the other and has recently recommended itself as a successful “hub” for start-ups. The BF/M also took on this function in […]

Increase the chances for project success with onboarding

Lesezeit: 2 Minuten

In the course of the realization of extensive projects in companies and organizations, onboarding – i.e. the “bringing along of all project participants” – has long since proven to be a central initialization measure. If you are aiming for bigger goals, you should definitely get your team on track in the medium term. This not only strengthens public spirit and […]

Content is King!

Lesezeit: 2 Minuten

Achieving the highest quality content as quickly and easily as possible: a permanent Herculean task for many companies and institutions! We have found a suitable answer to this for years – and have since been able to catapult ourselves upwards in the SEO rankings relevant to us as a genuine content generator. […]

Together on a sales journey with LinkedIn!

Lesezeit: < 1 Minute

The Sales Navigator on LinkedIn makes it possible. By booking this tool separately, members of the business network have the opportunity to boost their sales activities in the long term.

Long-running: BBQ with investors – capital meets innovation

Lesezeit: < 1 Minute

Whether human, content or organizational: “Capital meets innovation” is one of the long-running topics that move us. In order to create even more dynamism here, we thought about how we can further deepen the relationships between innovation and potential investors. […]

Use the event module consistently!

Lesezeit: 2 Minuten

It is well known that not only joint participation, but also joint organization of events promotes the development of personal (business) relationships. The fact that there has recently been a lot of catching up to do for virological reasons makes the matter all the more urgent for all of us. We all need to exchange ideas with one another in order to feed each other with new ideas […]

2be_die markenmacher: New on the Web Track!

Lesezeit: 2 Minuten

Now we finally did it – the relaunch of our own website!
The first goal was a successful CMS move from Typo3 to WordPress. The reason for this: the greater flexibility and the faster operational readiness of the new system, especially when it comes to the input of different end devices. In WordPress, a headline can also be exchanged or an image uploaded via smartphone – one of the main reasons why almost two thirds of all website CMSs worldwide are now operated using the open source system.

Successful moderation in the private equity environment

Lesezeit: < 1 Minute

The Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschungszentrum für Fragen der mittelständischen Wirtschaft e. V. (BF/M) has successfully positioned itself at the interface between university research and education and SME entrepreneurship at the University of Bayreuth and has recently been able to establish itself as a “hub” for start-ups on its own initiative.

Becoming a book author: how do I do it right?

Lesezeit: < 1 Minute

With all the video (shooting) or audio (recording) it is easy to forget that books (making) have never really gone out of fashion either. Despite digital overkill: people are still busy writing, revising, editing and publishing. Whether it will actually be read by others depends largely on how well the author masters his craft. […]

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