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Find out how you can optimise your sales processes by defining an optimal target state and using AI

Sales optimization: From target to reality

2 Min.

Setting up and establishing optimal sales processes is the dream of every sales-oriented company. The fact that a self-assessment of the company’s own sales performance is consistently positive is – […]

There's no need for annoying cold calls - the rapid development of artificial intelligence offers a wide range of specialized solutions for everyday sales.

More fun in sales with AI

2 Min.

Whether video or audio, image or text: The development of artificial intelligence and its applications is currently making quantum leaps. The fact that AI can also be used sensibly for […]

Luan Waldleitner und Gerd Lammert bei der BFV ePokal PreLuan Waldleitner and Gerd Lammert at the BFV ePokal award ceremonyisverleihung

“Lubappe6” wins the BFV ePokal 2024!

2 Min.

E-sports is also a sport if it is practiced at a professional level with full commitment to mental and physical fitness. The Bavarian Football Association (BFV) has recognized this and […]

Dive into the latest methods of website analysis and search engine optimization with Sebastian and Matthias using practical examples.

Google Analytics 4 vs. Matomo: Our event and the relevance of web analytics

2 Min.

How important is website tracking for lead generation? If you look at the lead and conversion rates of most websites, this question becomes superfluous. It’s easy to get started: create […]

„We want deine Nachhaltigkeit“: Förderung von innovativen Ideen für mehr Nachhaltigkeit

Follow-up report: “We want your sustainability”

2 Min.

On June 3, the online meeting “ We want your sustainability ” took place – a humorous allusion to the famous Uncle Sam “We want you” motif. The aim was […]

Wir treten der Rabbit Hole Group bei, um das gemeinsame Portfolio zu erweitern und unseren Kunden noch mehr Vorteile zu bieten.

“Rabbit Hole Group”: We are part of it, because together we are more!

2 Min.

2be is now a proud member of the “ Rabbit Hole ” group of companies, a pan-European alliance of over 15 companies with a strong focus on IT-based solutions. With […]

– wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie das Beste aus KI herausholen können.

AI as a game changer in team organization

2 Min.

AI is not only a valuable helper when it comes to automatically customizing texts, illustrations or videos: It can also be a real game changer in (sales) teamwork, especially in […]

Kann KI als wertvolles Rechercheinstrument dienen? Fin

AI for writing texts: Try it – check it – decide!

2 Min.

There is still a big question mark over the applicability of artificial intelligence in text creation and editing – and with good reason. The differences, both in terms of applications […]

The discussion round on Odoo17 was led by Robert Duckstein from Manatec and Matthias from 2be.

Odoo17 in focus: Intensive discussion round with AI and new app functions

2 Min.

Our recent meeting brought together partners, current Odoo users and potential customers to discuss the latest version of Odoo, Odoo 17 in depth. This version stands out in particular thanks […]

From left to right: Kati (2be), Roman (BFV), Stephan (Data Respons Solutions) and Dennis (BFV) in front of the brand wall at Data Respons Solutions in Erlangen.

eSports with the BFV

3 Min.

Like any type of activity within the framework of advertising campaigns, sponsorship measures should also suit the companies that carry them out. Sponsorship must also be fun for the sponsor. […]