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v. l. n. r.: Kati (2be), Roman (BFV), Stephan (Data Respons Solutions) und Dennis (BFV) vor der Markenwand bei Data Respons Solutions in Erlangen vor Ort.

eSports with the BFV

3 Min.

Like any type of activity within the framework of advertising campaigns, sponsorship measures should also suit the companies that carry them out. Sponsorship must also be fun for the sponsor. […]

Mehr Leistung mit uns und unserem Partner: Raidbox 2.0 goes live!

More performance with us and our partner: Raidboxes 2.0 goes live!

2 Min.

The time has finally come: Our partner Raidboxes is getting serious and is releasing the launch of a completely new server infrastructure! The first advantage is the enormous performance boost […]

Automatisierungs- und Standardisierungstools, Bildoptimierer, Videogenerator, Textverfasser und -verbesserer, die Auswahl ist aktuell überwältigend

Starting signal AI!

2 Min.

KI in aller Munde – als Vertriebs-Prozess- und Teamunterstützungs-tool, Bilderstellung, Videogenerator, Textverfasser und -verbesserer und vielen weiteren Aufgaben mehr, begleiten uns mittlerweile diverse Tools und ganze Cockpits, um ungeliebte Aufgaben […]

Matthias und Wolfgang von 2be und Gerd von der Stadtreklame Nürnberg vor einem gemeinsamen Ergebnisse

AI lectures and workshops: We are right in the middle of it all!

2 Min.

What do “der Klub”, Sparkasse Nürnberg, Stadtreklame Nürnberg GmbH and BWV Bildungsverband der Versicherungswirtschaft have in common? – Quite simply, they were all participants in workshops on the subject of […]

Eine enge Zusammenarbeit kann auch heißen: Das Steuer übergeben und sich darauf verlassen können, dass mein Geschäftspartner den Prozess autonom vorantreibt.

Collaboratively developing the brand

2 Min.

Brand development and brand enhancement are collaborative processes whose goals can only be achieved through the closest possible cooperation between brand owner and external partner. The decisive factor for success […]

Über die letzten Jahre haben wir einzige Geschäftsberichte und CD Manuals für unsere Kunden erstellen dürfen

Corporate Design Manual: Regular updates necessary!

3 Min.

A brand needs leadership. Not just in the traditional sense from the perspective of sales, research or corporate culture. A strong hand is also needed for the visual and content-related […]

Die Begeisterung vor Ort war sehr groß und die Geschenke wurden gleich auf Herz und Niere getestet :)

Christmas magic on wheels: The Christmas parcel convoy brings joy to the East

4 Min.

During the festive season, when the air literally crackles with anticipation, a special initiative sets a wonderful example of charity: the Christmas parcel convoy. This project combines the commitment of […]

“We will definitely continue to use LinkedIn intensively” – Interview with Adrian Flachenecker

5 Min.

Whether for customer, partner or personnel recruitment, the results of the first company-wide LinkedIn campaign impressed LK Metallwaren’s Head of Internal Sales Adrian Flachenecker so much that he has been […]

Our hard-working helpers from 2be_die markenmacher and AD IT Systems :)

Christmas joy and team building

3 Min.

2 teams = 1 mission: Gingerbread campaign for a good cause! At 2be_die markenmacher, the Christmas season is all about community, commitment and, of course, lots of fun. This year, […]

This year, Round Table Nuremberg is once again taking part in the "Christmas parcel convoy" initiative and 2be is on board.

Children who make children happy at Christmas!

2 Min.

Christmas is a festival of emotions – above all joy, especially for our children. Who can’t remember a few sleepless nights before Christmas, the anticipation and the excitement of whether […]