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Anrufe können von überall bequem über das Headset entgegen genommen werden, das

Phone calls via teams

2 Min.

Usability, flexibility, speed: these are all factors that also apply to the process of making phone calls: After all, we spend several hours a week making calls – both at […]

Die Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) "ChatGPT" soll in Zukunft dabei helfen wertvollen Content zu erstellen

ChatGPT – Be sure to check it out!

2 Min.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the talk of the town not just since the development of robots, chess computers and autonomous vehicle control systems. While some astonishing progress was made […]

Weiterbildung weiter vereinfachen durch

Further simplifying continuing education

2 Min.

Knowledge and know-how have always been the foundations that make up the real value of companies. Continuing education is what can transport this growth of companies further into the future. […]

Wer rastet, der rostet 😊 Wir satteln um und probieren etwas Neues

From Newsletter to LinkedIn

2 Min.

For many industries and companies, the classic newsletter is a supporting medium for their own successful sales. Especially announcements, possible discounts and exclusive offers can be sent to all interested […]

Die Wahl der Warenwirtschaftsoftware die für Sie am besten passt ist entscheidend

ERP – enterprise resource planning – ally wanted

2 Min.

Planning – what is the best enterprise resource planning software for your business? The introduction – how do you ensure that employees adopt the software and use it properly? The […]

Hybrid-Event mit hohem Erkenntniswert

Hybrid event with high knowledge value

2 Min.

Small, but fine events can have a big impact – privately, professionally and also entrepreneurially – but ideally in all these aspects together. Together with partners, we have developed a […]

Starten sie gezielte Vertriebskampagnen

Get your tools up to sales temperature – launch targeted sales campaigns

2 Min.

Whether homepage or company presentation, social media presence or standard cover letter: Almost all companies currently have the whole set of marketing tools at the start – the majority of them even in a state long before the expiry date. But what happens if the selling pressure is once again exerted by a corresponding market situation […]

Hamburg Digital: 
Nach wie vor Förderbudget vorhanden!

Hamburg Digital:
Funding budget still available!

2 Min.

Companies from the Hamburg region that can currently make use of digital products and services have it good. The offer made to them by the City of Hamburg through the […]

Aktuelle Abmahnwelle: „remote“-Einbindung von Google Fonts vermeiden

Current wave of warnings: avoid integration of Google Fonts

2 Min.

Currently, a veritable flood of warnings is rolling in for website operators who have embedded Google Fonts as font types in their websites. The starting point for this is the […]

Sponsors wanted:
Become a COiDEALIST with us!

2 Min.

The unconditional will to cooperate and a thick portion of idealism: This already describes the COiDEALISTEN e. V. in its name. Founding and working approach of the association: Too many […]

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