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Mentor App:
Stay tuned!

< 1 Min.

Digital tools are also being used more and more frequently in HR and recruiting. Current example: our mentoring app. It strengthens the loyalty of new employees to their company (“Candidate Journey”) in an easy-to-act, yet very inspiring way …

Rate offers –
Establish comparability!

< 1 Min.

Anyone who regularly buys agency services knows, of course, that the offers they obtain for the service packages they want are rarely comparable. The reasons for this are manifold: they range from the varying quality of the content components to …

Text – Partnerships: The benefit for the customer

2 Min.

Competent partners in the editorial or content area provide us with the basis to once again significantly expand or deepen our range of offers and services. The prerequisite for this is a high degree of consistency in terms of aesthetics in the design of online or offline content. Important for such partnerships is the permanent […]

Digital whiteboard instead of flipchart and moderation cards in active workshops

2 Min.

The Corona pandemic is bringing tangible changes to business, especially in both internal and external communications. For example, people are converting from analog to digital communications at a much faster rate than in previous years: This also applies, for example, …

go-digital – the 50% funding program continues

2 Min.

And we are there! Following a successful test phase in the model regions of Saxony and the Ruhr region, the go-digital funding program was extended by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to cover the whole of Germany in 2019 – and with great success.

Students wanted – and found!

3 Min.

How do I ensure a consistently high student load at private or public universities across all semesters? How do I design study programs that are as practical as possible with a high degree of recruitment security that also meet the needs of companies?

Find & conquer new markets

2 Min.

Online workshop on January 13. Look for other markets – realign sales strategy. Pandemic-related restrictions, delivery problems, price increases: Almost every company is currently facing one problem or pressure situation or another.

Odoo 15 – Sales processes and evaluations – Sales and CRM

< 1 Min.

Online workshop on 30 November 2021:Fun with sales: choosing the optimal ERP system! Invited was Robert Duckstein from ERP service provider manaTec, who together with 2be managing director Matthias Brinkmann and selected customers and partners discussed innovation and optimization possibilities in the area of digital routines.

Trendradar – How to boost sales with customer feedback?

2 Min.

How about being able to spot future trends simply by “scanning” large amounts of data on the Internet, “grabbing” key fragments from it, and then assembling it into holistic information? – Startup has used this exact method to create their trend radar.

Brand networking: From experience exchange to sales!

2 Min.

As banal as it may sound, it remains true: Networking even the most disparate brands always proves to be a lasting connection when both parties benefit from it. The “currency” that circulates between the two business partners can consist of knowledge and experience, financial resources, but also purely positive emotions. In this way, partners become customers – customers become partners. […]

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