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Unsere fleißigen Helferchen von 2be_die markenmacher und AD IT Systems :)

Christmas joy and team building

3 Min.

2 teams = 1 mission: Gingerbread campaign for a good cause! At 2be_die markenmacher, the Christmas season is all about community, commitment and, of course, lots of fun. This year, […]

Auch dieses Jahr beteiligt sich der Round Table Nürnberg wieder an der Initiative „Weihnachtspäckchenkonvoi“ und 2be ist mit dabei.

Children who make children happy at Christmas!

2 Min.

Christmas is a festival of emotions – above all joy, especially for our children. Who can’t remember a few sleepless nights before Christmas, the anticipation and the excitement of whether […]

Does copyright protect images generated via Midjourney? We want to get to the bottom of this question.

Midjourney: For whom AI is worthwhile + legal situation

2 Min.

Generative AI has been the talk of the town since early 2023. With the development of ChatGPT, other applications have been established that open up new avenues in content creation. […]

Both distribution and the further development of one's own brand often resemble an irrepressible

Mastering jungle trails in sales and brand development as part of a team

2 Min.

Jungle paths in sales and brand development are usually much better mastered as part of a team than as a lone fighter. In other words, in markets where products and […]

Durch ChatGPT und Midjourney interne Prozesse beschleunigen

ChatGPT and image generation: our AI workshop and the future of visual and textual content

2 Min.

The results that applications of artificial intelligence have yielded in a variety of different environments have recently surprised even notorious AI skeptics. The opportunities that have opened up here now […]

Personalkampagne auf maximalen Erfolg getrimmt – Linkedin trifft odoo als Bewerberdatenbank

5 Min.

Finding qualified personnel is one of the most important tasks facing German companies in their own country today – regardless of the industry in which they operate. The urgency with […]

Matomo vs. Google Analytics 4: Which is better?

4 Min.

Online marketing without measurable data? Unimaginable! Whether insights into buying behavior, visitor numbers or dwell times – web analytics tools provide all the important information for process optimization in marketing. […]

Zu einem ordentlichen Zuschuss durch Fördergelder sagt man doch nicht nein, oder? ;)

Promotional partnerships for our regular customers!

2 Min.

Subsidies have now become a weighty component for planning and realizing sales and marketing budgets. Those who do not secure their share of support from the state or federal states […]

Gründungsfeier Club 41 Bukarest 1 – ein Start internationaler Freundschaft.

2 Min.

The history of the “Tabler” is now almost a hundred years old – and more lively than ever. Mit weltweit 35.000 Mitgliedern, davon allein 3.500 in Deutschland, wächst und gedeiht […]

Workbook zum Thema “Sichtbarkeit erhöhen und Umsatz steigern” geplant!

2 Min.

Unsere Kunden behaupten wir sind Experten im Markenmachen: Dafür steht nicht nur unser Name, sondern auch unsere mehr als 22 Jahre Erfahrung rund um die Weiter-Entwicklung und Etablierung von Unternehmensmarken […]