Help for self-help

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Processes in focus

From creature of habit to real innovation driver

Who does not know it, if 40 – 50% of the manpower is used up in energy-consuming – partly unnecessary – coordination rounds. It is also clear that people are creatures of habit and feel comfortable in their routines, including recurring rounds of voting. You don’t give up on things that work so easily. However, this complicates the approach and goal of meeting individual needs.

If project teams want to be successful, they inevitably have to work together and find a suitable collaboration platform in advance. A prerequisite for good cooperation is the willingness of everyone involved to engage in digital routines. They not only promote efficiency, show fresh and offer new solutions, but also guarantee that projects become “Doable!” in the literal sense.

Analysis – can also run in parallel with implementation

  • Digital routine analysis

    > Analysis of the current conception
    > Interview of contributors
    > AI-supported feedback from the market environment
    > Analysis of the feedbacks
    > Concept creation based on the
    Analysis findings

  • Developing a digital action map

    > Define process representation, contact and info points
    > Development of a digital process map on the analog or digital whiteboard – conceptboard, Miro, Mural – and the digital user journey.

  • Development of a digital guideline

    > Creation of a KANBAN sequence and daily practice-integrated application of each touch point – digital and analogue
    > On the bulletin board – brand wall

Enable – Implement

  • User empowerment

    > Workshop of the individual contributors at the touch points per workshop day.

  • Empowerment of all users in the touch points.

    > Training, training of daily routine – 30 positive repetition.
    > 3-stage-brain-genuine integration process
    > Individual group and individual coaching
    > Get to know-Observe-Collaboratively consciously apply-Know how

  • Empowering those responsible

    > Giving a framework to the digital way of working
    > Learning agile methods
    > Create learning team
    > Actively solicit in-depth feedback

Continuous improvement of procedures

  • Reflecting on the practical experience and cooperation

    > Integrate regular retrospective
    > Establishing a learning organization
    > Search for further process-improving methods and software solutions

  • Project management/supervision of internal project management

    > Takeover or accompaniment of the project
    > Documentation of the project progress
    > Milestone planning

Team building through transparent communication
Help for self-help

The will to change, goals, software and hardware point in one direction

The aim of the collaboration is for employees to independently implement and live the digital transformation in the area of communication. In doing so, we make use of proven building blocks. First and foremost, these focus on the customer independently achieving the appropriate implementation in the future with milestone planning and a practical approach. Our mediator activity in this context is the impetus for further communication development.

We experience the initial situation of digital transformation with most customers as follows: Customers want to master and internalize digitization and digital transformation. 20 people from the management department want to bring everyone along together and unify the digital transformation in day-to-day business and lead mobile projects and strategy with interfaces.

Successful Projects Examples

We help you find the right way.

That is why there is a great effort behind the idea of the digital routine: Make communication as effective as possible – taking into account the costs and user-friendliness. Whether it’s Microsoft Teams, Miro, odoo, WhatsApp, Canva or other apps, it’s important to define the right path early on by example and default.

We help you find the right way.

That is why there is a great effort behind the idea of the digital routine: Make communication as effective as possible – taking into account the costs and user-friendliness. Regardless of whether Microsoft Teams, Miro, odoo, WhatsApp, Canvas or other applications, it is important to define the right path at an early stage using a role model and specification.