Increasing publicity
through rebranding

limes datentechnik® gmbh

Order situation

In the field of data security, the level of awareness of the FLAM product family is enormous – far greater than that of the company behind it. The problem: limes datentechnik was only able to profit to a small extent from the aura of its own main product in order to then use it as a basis for placing other products on the market.

Project order

  • Brand development and brand making (brand wall)
  • Workshops on digital routine, digitization and digitization strategy
  • Rebrand of the corporate design (logo, product logos, business cards, letterheads, etc.)
  • Implementation of various software components (installers, icons, etc.)
  • Implementation of ERP & CRM odoo (version 16) in close cooperation with one of our partners


What other agencies have not managed to do over many development rounds (and months), we were able to implement within a few weeks: convince the client of new strategic and creative approaches. The focus is always on digitization and the automatic subsequent increase in the company’s performance (e.g. order processing, complaints processes, license management, etc.). All in all, a very positive output for both parties. Keep going limes!

The customer

Since 1985, the company limes datentechnik® gmbh has been regarded worldwide as an authority in cryptography and data compression. The best-known product from limes is FLAM, an internationally recognized standard for end-to-end security and the associated efficient handling of data. limes’ customers include banks, stock exchanges and tax offices as well as industrial groups and telecom companies.

LIMES Datentechnik

Project order

Strengthening visibility, increasing awareness and sharpening the perceived corporate profile – the following measures were developed to achieve these goals:

  • The familiar existing logo was adopted and offset with new corporate design to put a familiar brand in a new light.
  • The key visual leitmotif was developed together with Gronbach and introduced, positioned and communicated to the market through targeted processes.
  • The construction of basic design elements for the exhibition stand and website was realized.
  • A modular system for advertisements, image brochures, data sheets, etc. was created.


The external perception of the Gronbach Group had changed elementarily. Targeted marketing measures (including ad placements, distribution of brochures) were used to change the corresponding “standing” of the brand both among OEMs and to expand it in the regional context of the main location in Wasserburg.
LIMES Datentechnik

Gronbach Group is a company specializing in surface finishing (aluminum, stainless steel) in the field of household, appliance and furniture technology. With a large number of patents and innovative solutions, Gronbach has earned a good reputation in these industries since 1964 and employs around 600 people at locations in Germany (Wasserburg), Austria and Slovakia.

Brand personalities

B2B and B2C – from A to Z

LIMES Datentechnik

181 further references from various industries are available on request.