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Passion for brands
for more than 15 years

Well groomed over the years.

Healthy growth.

Since its foundation 2be_die brand makers are owner-managed.
- that's the creative team around the two (2) managing partners Matthias Brinkmann (b) and Wolfgang Eck (e).

1998 - 2003

The seed sprouts

The merger of three companies resulted in 1998 in Nuremberg, the agency 2be and in 2001 to 2be multimedia GmbH. Due to the successful project work with renowned companies 2be quickly made a name well beyond Nuremberg. The result: 2be gets bigger and needs more space. The agency decides to bring more colleagues into the team and moves to Passauer Straße 7.

2004 - 2007

Healthy growth

In 2004, 2be developed the CD-Rom "Audi in person" for the Audi AG and promptly received the international "iF communication design award" for this work.
The 2be network now has more than 20 partner companies.
Other specialists in internet and product design strengthen the core team in order to guarantee optimum customer care for every customer.
In the following years, the customer network of Markenmacher continues to expand: In addition to companies in Nuernberg, Munich, Duesseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin, since 2007 for a first time a company from Africa relies on the brand competence of 2be.
As an innovative publication format, 2be now also offers 3D PDFs.


Kraftdünger Mobilität und Nachhaltigkeit

2be_die markenmacher is increasingly expanding its own industry expertise.
Activities in the automotive sector are being driven forward, internationally renowned companies in the field of aviation engineering being supervised.
At the same time, the agency wins customers from the photovoltaic industry and energy suppliers from the metropolitan region. Social Media and Google optimization are catching on and are actively being in demand by customers.

Innovation is one of the focal points of the work of Markenmacher.
Therefore, 2be has been a member of the innovation association quer.kraft since 2008 for a stronger networking of business and science.
Also own innovative concepts are realized.

For the first time the agency supports sport teamsin the metropolitan Nuernberg: 2009 2be supports the volleyball team of SV Schwaig in the 2nd Bundesliga and the SpVgg Mögeldorf 2000 as a sponsor.


Strongly branched and rich in fruits

2be_the brand makers are still on the road to success - and want others to share in the success. For this reason, the agency is focusing more on the continuous commitment to social projects - including as being a member of the Round Table 217 Nuernberg.


Fertilizer for structures and processes

Many years of experience in the development of digital processes pay off. 2be_The markenmacher is increasingly involved in projects around topics such as community management, blended learning, technical documentation and automated catalog production and is actively involved in clusters such as MedicalValley or EnergieRegion.

Matthias Brinkmann becomes also the head of the working group "Business 2.0" at quer.kraft - the innovation association. The topic "brand networking" is born; meanwhile we bring customers into direct contact with each other.



2014 - until now

Visibility online and offline

Through the open network Business vor Ort, which was also recognized by the Federal Ministry for Ecenomic Affairs and Energy and founded by the ENERGIEregion Nuernberg e.V. and 2be_die markenmacher and another milestone in terms of networking was set.

Since the collaboration with the Technical University of Nuremberg, the brand makers have also been involved in the development of the virtual e-learning platform "VirtuOhm - Design and Usability" as lecturers in the field of "BtoB Industriegüter Marketing" at the Faculty of Business Administration at the Technical University Georg Simon Ohm.

Since the team of 2be_die markenmacher has increased, the agency moved in the Ostendstr. 181, 90482 Nuernberg. (At this point, you are welcome to update the imprint on your website).

Another big topic, which is becoming increasingly interesting both for the economy and for 2be_die markenmacher, is Industry 4.0 as well as digitization. Together with project partners, the brand makers are picking up speed, setting the trend and starting a web-based innovation management tool for companies with the in-house project ooqoon

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