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Ansprechpartner: Matthias Brinkmann
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Brand networking -
customers and partners together at the table

Benchmarking - linking existing
customers with potentially new customers

Our customers benefit from our multiple connections and network of decision-makers in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region and beyond.

2be_The markenmacher is an active member of innovation platforms and clusters, which have already today the developments of tomorrow in mind and want to benefit from this up-to-date advantage in their daily work.

Whether as a working group leader of "AK Agile Interne Kommunikation", member of, member of the jury and tax group "Energie Effizienz Gewinner", sponsor, jurist or lecturer at the 5 Euro Businesswettbewerb des bbw in Nuremberg, Coburg, Bamberg, Würzburg, Ingolstadt and Bayreuth, active member of MedicalValley, founder and member of the Steering Committee of the network Businessvorort , lecturer at the Technical University Nuremberg or at the Department of Business Administration BWL -„Industriegüter - & Dienstleistungsmarketing“, 2be_die markenmacher is there.

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