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Brand Implementation –
Applying communication tools at contact points

Include your customers & employees
in developing the brand

Whether through the use of dialog cardsor charts, power point presentation or SEO Adwords campaign: together we'll find the appropriate forms of presenting your messages and transport them with the best communiaction channels to the customer

We offer you comprehensive brand advice for whatever form you and your customers desire. We will use the tools which increase your sales and number of applicants, whether it is by print, event, YouTube film, 3D animations, microsite, brand workshops, Facebook campaigns or informative newsletters.

At the beginning of each presentation is an intensive conversation which summarizes your ideas and wishes and is then followed by a tailor-made format development plan.

We are happy to plan the appropriate framework for you in which you can effectively pass on your content to your target group. Only with a cohorent and integrated overall concept can you communicate abstract topics such as brand identity, corporate strategy or change processes. A brand not only has to be understood and recognized, it also has to be lived and developed endlessly.

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