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Brand Consulting -
Development of practical theory

The overall impression must be convincing.
Internal communication and sales must work together

The brand represents the overall picture of a company. This consists of a large number of individual parts which, in the optimal case, are precisely coordinated with each other and harmonize with each other. Together, they form a striking profile that gives the brand a distinctive character and recognisable value. Vom Händedruck bis zum Logo auf der Internetseite: 
Alles kommuniziert im jeweiligen Kontext.   

When it comes to branding, we offer you two methods.

Method 1: Strengthen your brand in parallel to daily business! Your aily business is running at full speed and you are focused on delivering the best performance to your customers. In parallel, we will continue to develop your brand. We build on what we already have and start by targeting where we can quickly bring fresh energy to your brand for further growth. This is how your new brand identity is gradually created.

Method 2: From the analysis of the success factors to the introduction of appropriate instruments. The classic approach: The special, unique aspect of your company serves as the basis for the development of a complete brand startegy. Then we'll choose the most effective mean to bring your brand identity to life.

How we help your brand become more visible

In order to clearly showcase the identity of your brand and your competences, we work together to answer the basic questions: 

What do you offer? What benefits does the customer have?

  • What are the characteristics of your company, products and services?
  • What feelings and associations should the brand awaken?
  • How can the brand image in design, communication and appearance be optimally realized within the company and be transmitted to the outside world?

In this way we determine in which order we have to take action. With the optimal tools and the choice of areas, we then enhance the impact of your brand - on request, at first selectively. Or with the help of a comprehenensive overall strategy.

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