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Brand Consulting -
Development of practical theory

Gain new employees
and inspire existing ones.

Utilize brand strength for visibility

2be_die markenmacher offers you more than a traditional full-service advertising agency. We consider your company as a holistic, living organism with its own character. We focus on the aspects that will help you, your employees, and potential candidates to attain your goals.

Play out your brand strength.

Inspire people and make your recruiting process more efficient and economical. Please give us a call and we will arrange a consultation appointment for you.

Our magic phrase: Employer Branding.

A clear, distinctive company profile creates trust and looks authentic. It appeals to both employees and applicants. Your company's profile offers opportunities to identify with the company, to create a sense of belonging, and to spark your passion for the common cause. Make your employees partakers of your brand and pursue a common goal.

A functioning employer branding is the door opener to sustainable unsolicited applications and, among other things, an efficient means of reducing sick leave and the unplanned retirement of employees.

Plan - Create - Transfer - Maintain

In order for you to achieve the desired results in recruitinh, 2be_die markenmacher gets you into a brand-oriented dialodue. Not only with potential applicants, but also between your company#s employees - from the executive level to all business units. Successful recruiting is not just a matter for the human resources department. We take a close look at the potential of your company and, based on this, define success strategies for your personnel work. During the implementation, we coordinate the mix of communiaction and design tools in such a way that its authenticly transports the identity of your brand. 


From Facebook campaigns to high visibilty Google theme blogs, we use all the tools we need to make your business attractive to potential candidates. Together, we work out recommendations for action to optimize your employer presence and support your brand management through continuos monitoring. With proven control mechanisms, we ensure that your brand is on course and - above all - stays there. In order to consistently realize your recruiting goals, we tackle the theory, concept and practical implementation at the same time. This is how we get results as soon as possible.

When do you need 2be_die markenmacher? 

Employer branding is a global process that must be implemented at every stage in order to ensure sustainable success in human resources work. With the permanent maintenance of your corporate brand, you optimise internal and external communication.


You strengthen the bond to your employees, create authenticity, reach exactly the interested parties you want to win for your company and encourage qualified specialists to submit unsolicited applications. 

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