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A strong brand increases sales and
keeps employees loyal

Strategy Implementation
Implement, Publish, Network

Together we develop now a schedule for the brand implementation and have an efficient marketing mix to make your company and your brand more visible.
We support you in implementing campaigns and tools and train you to tackle challenges increasingly autonomously. The distribution of tasks in your company should be supported by a team and leave plenty of room for other tasks.

Not only are we familiar with all the traditional media used in corporate communications, but we can also align existing tools and methods to achieve successful branding.

It is not only about starting the brand development, but to continuously develop it over 2 years in the direction of the expected goals.



The following steps we go through together:

1.     Continuous cooperation of the members in the steering committee
2.     Involve the stakeholders - work packages, responsibilities and
         define timing
3.     Schedule and Implementation - Active Media Planning
          Instruments, topics and milestones
4.     Modular circuit of promising measures
5.     Corporate Design - Implementation of Relevant Instruments and
6.     Contact Points - generate visibility for the target group

Next step - Brand Controlling

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