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A strong brand increases sales and
keeps employees loyal

Situational analysis and team building.
Listening, measuring, evaluating.

Together, we will examine your brand, investigate what possibilities and treasures it already offers. We collect impressions together with employees in workshops, research, rate competitors and incorporate all our experience with other customers.

First, we capture the initial situation, the actual situation of the entire brand. What are the key characteristics and the bundle of benefits of the company or their offers? It provides information about the areas of responsibility, the particularities that distinguish the company from others, and provides information about target groups.

Subsequently, the objectives to be implemented must be recorded. For this purpose, previously defined measuring points or so-called KPIs are used, which help to make results measurable and to keep an eye on the goal at all times. The needs of the management, employees, customers and partners play a key role here.

A clear assessment of the competition is important. This allows you to better assess your own performance and to make clear statements about how your own brand is positioned in the market. Market analysis is a valuable tool. From this it is possible to determine which needs and interests the desired target group of the company has. The brand profile can thus be adapted and shaped in such a way that it peaks the interest of the target group and the customers.

Possible goals of the management:

• Increase visibility
• Increase sales
• Recruitment - Recruiting
• Increase and retain employee involvement
• Innovation Managament - Increase participation
• Digital Transformation - tackling change tasks together

Possible needs of employees:

• Adequate personal attention of their activities
A clear framework for action
• Transparent communication
• Strong external effect

The situation analysis has already laid the foundation for a successful brand identity. Your customers will also notice the first changes.

Brands communicate. Accordingly, they produce concrete images: in your imagination as well as in the imagination of your customer. What qualities, what benefits for your customers and values should the brand communicate internally and externally?

The individual stations:

1.    Initial situation - workshop and site visit
2.    Targets - Set measuring points KPIs
3.    Needs of the management
4.    Employee needs
5.    Competitive and own brands
6.    Market & Trends

Next step - brand identity

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