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A strong brand increases sales and
keeps employees loyal

Present, Response, Promote

Well-groomed and well-developed, consistent and varied from the handshake of salesman to the LinkedIn campaign: such a brand value will appeal to customers and employees, and build trust continuously.

Who benefits from your brand and who do you want to address?
After identifying the target group, the marketing tools must be used where they can be found. Together, we seek the digital and physical contact points and provide them with tools to achieve the given goals efficiently with the budget worked out.

Communication is much more than only to transfer information. Your brand communicates constantly by sending out messages that arrive at the customer and employee through their presence alone. Shrill loud, quiet and noble, innovative and competent, fast and modern or traditional and emotional, you decide how your brand appears.

What should be noted in the positioning:

1.     Prioritize brand instruments according to the contact points of         stakeholders
2.     The Brand Wall - Collect and rate the campaigns
3.     Vibrant corporate design - develop basic design
4.     Budget and goals oriented work

Next step - Strategy Implementation

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