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A strong brand increases sales and
keeps employees loyal

Brand Identity and Brand Image.
Deriving, Sorting, Merging

The situation analysis and team building have already laid the foundation stone for a successful brand identity inwards and for the brand image. Employees and customers will notice first changes, because you have started to ask the right questions.

Brands communicate holistically. Accordingly, they have been producing concrete images for a long time: in your imagination, as well as in the imagination of customers. What benefits for your customers, which characteristics of their company and offer should the brand convey in future both internally and externally?



What to do in a situation analysis and team building:

1. Capturing brand identity and brand image

2. Represent customer's benefits in the brand control wheel

3. Develop and prioritize the characteristics of the company and their offer

4. From the actual identity to the intended identity - corporate identity not just corporate design

Next step: brand strategy

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