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[Translate to Englisch:] Markenwand und Markenraum k├Ânnen virutell dargestellt werden

Brand space real and virtual - VR glasses

 In the digital age it is becoming increasingly difficult to organise, structure and share experiences using analogue means. The experience of brand identity is also complicated. With VR glasses it is possible to transfer the previous concept of the brand space into virtual reality and thus enable easy and comprehensive access.

The brand wall and brand space as they have been known up to now are real and tangible. But analogue and not digital. A brand wall is not only the demonstration of the corporate identity, it also serves as a control element: What is the core message and which benefits and characteristics should be attributed to the brand? The presented instruments, structures and contact points are showpieces and templates. They can be suspended, structured and hung up again. But only in one place and in analogue form. For further processing or reproduction, synchronisation into the digital world must take place - this usually takes place via scanning or photography. What happens then is also created digitally in projects or tasks. After completion, the resulting product can then be printed out again and hung on the brand wall - until it is reused. This creates an eternal cycle between analogue and digital. Since this process is rather cumbersome and confusing, it is obvious to digitize it.

One approach to this already exists: the brand space as virtual reality. The idea is a brand space that is set up once to create the virtual brand space according to this model. The "room maintenance" would then be limited to a synchronization of analog and digital rooms at regular intervals - about every two to four weeks. This virtual room can then be used at 24 locations in 24 different languages, as it can be accessed from any location via the VR glasses. The advantages are numerous:

For internal use, this offers the possibility of carrying out the process of mounting and dismounting as well as further processing completely in virtual reality. Thus the documents are already digitally available and do not have to be scanned or photographed first. In addition, actions can be tracked via VR glasses. The generation of tasks via Odoo could also be done directly from the virtual brand space.

For the external perspective, the virtual brand space offers the possibility to train the brand and the experience of brand identity and brand image no longer limited to a single location. Such a virtual space could be used, for example, at trade fairs, brand training, different company locations or in the personnel area.

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