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Managing hard times better with Digital Workhacks

Workhacks" - these are efficient and above all uncomplicated methods that can be set up in a company without great (financial) effort and often implemented with astonishing success. The purpose of such workhacks is to break through familiar work routines (hacking). In this way, they should strengthen the creative output in the work teams and help to unload certain amounts of workloads as quickly as possible.
As a digitization accelerator, the corona virus has now turned workhacks into "digital workhacks". In order to explore the possibilities of such digital workhacks, we held a workshop (as a webinar, of course) with the Federal Employment Agency, based on our "querkraft" working group, using the method: How do we hack our own system? In the process, we succeeded in converting around sixty workhacks to "digital".

In order to remain true to the topic, we will set up a blog at the TU Nuremberg in the coming weeks, in which the results of our cooperation will be concentrated!

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