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CBN meeting before lockdown light: networking is everything!

Next meeting of our Chief Business Network on October 31st, this time right next to the network station in the ZSI Technology building on the Wacholderweg in Altdorf. To be able to talk together about chances and risks of the current crisis situation was - especially in terms of pure networking - a...[more]

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Sales workshop: Best advice for sales success

A business idea so good that it's a sure thing? - There is no such thing. Even the most brilliant product, the perfect service is not so good that it doesn't have to be sold. The gods put the (sales) sweat before success, but: How do I even phone customers? How do I find the right way to start a...[more]

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Arkenshield – soon on Kickstarter

Arkenshield is a turn-based, – deck building – boardgame for 1 to 4 players. It combines components of a boardgame with those of a card game. Thanks to the large number of Companions, movement tokens, cards, and events, it’s never boring, as it offers new and different possibilities – especially in...[more]

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Implementing digitalised business processes

Software development companies are at the forefront of implementing digitisation strategies. But here, too, impulses from outside help to broaden one's own horizon and to structure pre-sorted processes even more clearly. Thanks to our support, the client was able to digitise its business processes...[more]

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Annual general meeting quer.kraft: The dynamics are striking!

Traditionally, the annual general meeting is the highlight of every quer.kraft year. This year was no different despite the well-known and often named turbulences in the health sector. What makes this "JV" special is its open-house character. Open contact rooms are absolutely desired, new...[more]

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Digitization now - and without delay!

Would you like to invest in digital technologies or in the qualification of employees on digital topics? The federal government provides support - and plenty of it! Digital Jetzt" is the most recent addition to its funding program with support measures for digitization. Medium-sized companies...[more]

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Online-Seminar "Sales" - in cooperation with FAU

Highly innovative, enormously motivated, permanently ready for action: these are three substantial characteristics of start-up companies. In addition, there is usually plenty of know-how regarding the core contents of their own business. Why many promising start-ups still don't take their ideas to...[more]

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Chief Business Network (CBN) is now open!

On August 31st the opening event of our Chief Business Network, short CBN, took place in the middle of the production rooms of ZSI Technology! Among the organizers of this newly created workshop and discussion round are bayern innovativ, VR Bank Nürnberg, ZSI Technology and the association ArMiD....[more]

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Human Optics - customized data digitization

Anyone whose products and services are primarily aimed at the intermediate trade must always include the entire route to the end customer in the strategic planning of their marketing and sales activities. In the case of our customer Human Optics - a world-renowned manufacturer of intraocular lenses...[more]

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Digitization now – and without delay!

Would you like to invest in digital technologies or in the qualification of employees on digital topics? The federal government provides support – and plenty of it! "Digital Jetzt" is the latest in a series of support programs to promote digitization. Medium-sized companies with up to 499...[more]

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Rituals - Use mobility!

Turning the time you spend on the road into productive working time requires a certain amount of concentration. However, if you are able to largely ignore disturbing factors in your immediate surroundings (ear plugs or headphones over which baroque music is played are always an alternative),...[more]

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Project- and Teamsoftware: We will find the right one for you!

Whether Outlook or Odoo, Meistertask, Microsoft Teams or Trello: There is now a whole range of project software and tools available with which companies, public or private institutions want to organize their teamwork better and save time both internally and externally. Many of them are finding it...[more]

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Interview at quer.kraft

Matthias, you've been working as managing director of 2be - the brand makers for a long time. Why don't you tell us something about your company? Matthias: Our business model rests on three pillars: Brand consulting, brand implementation and brand networking. In the course of brand consulting, we...[more]

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In the middle of the agency office: our new video room!

First do it yourself, then show others how it's done: according to this motto, we have converted one of the rooms in our agency office into a video room. Via a green screen we have created the possibility to exchange backgrounds quickly and easily. In addition, there are light installations that we...[more]

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Find the right media mix for your campaign!

Whether product or service: Today, advertising campaigns are mostly multimedia-based. The problem with this is that even large advertising and marketing agencies are often only strong in one sector, and a truly balanced, well-considered concept with regard to the design of the respective media mix...[more]

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Online communication - today more important than ever

During the lockdown in the course of the Covid19 Pandemy, all sales activities involving direct contact with customers, partners or even employees (e.g. at different locations) are prohibited. However, customer visits, sales talks or negotiations can in almost all cases take place...[more]

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Quick and clean: Generate online attention with minimum effort

The times in which elaborate image films were produced are (almost) over. The reason is simple: They generate too few clicks for their effort. After all, at the beginning you cannot tell whether a time investment of or ten or 15 minutes is worthwhile. Today, expensive camera teams are no longer...[more]

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Managing hard times better with Digital Workhacks

Workhacks" - these are efficient and above all uncomplicated methods that can be set up in a company without great (financial) effort and often implemented with astonishing success. The purpose of such workhacks is to break through familiar work routines (hacking). In this way, they should...[more]

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Making the Game!

This time we would like to take customers and partners into the world of games rather than into a game world. Everyone who takes part can win - not by thinking up the best possible move, but by participating in any way possible in the professional realisation of game ideas on the market.For May...[more]

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How to generate revenue with "Digital Networking

Building together - strengthening together - Medical Valley MarketplaceIt is in the nature of man to hold on to proven patterns - even to define himself by them. This in turn results in structured processes and - ideally - well-rehearsed routines that guarantee economic profitability. Such an...[more]

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go-digital - The best time is: right now!

The cancellation of trade fairs and other events with high advertising and sales relevance and reach hits companies hard in times of the corona crisis. If there is a lesson to be learned for the future, this is it: Companies must - parallel to their classic analog market actions - open themselves...[more]

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Friendly relations: Matthias Brinkmann assumes presidency of "OT4" in Nuremberg

Matthias Brinkmann, managing director of 2be - die Markenmacher, took over the presidency of the approximately thirty members of the Old Tabler 4 in Nuremberg (OT4) from Albrecht Thiet on 7.3.2020 - in keeping with his motto: "We are all president". In this function, together with the...[more]

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Benefit from the federal government's go-digital funding with 2be!

go-digital is the name of an initiative launched by the Federal Ministry of Economics in 2017 to promote digital projects by medium-sized German companies with fewer than 100 employees (or 20 million euros turnover). This concerns either financial support for setting up digitalised business...[more]

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Automatic translation help: Increase global reach

Even if the human mind should not be missing as a last resort, the quality of machine translation programs is advancing inexorably. As a positive consequence, new opportunities are emerging in terms of the speed with which global business can be done today.Recently, especially in German-speaking...[more]

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Update: Das Arkenschild - On 11.11.20 live as "Arkenshield" at Kickstarter

Update: The 2.0 version of the Arkenshield will go live again at Kickstarter from 11.11.20. Get the game today! You have until 30.11.20 to get it here: talking about project visions nowadays, the same questions...[more]

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CBN meeting before lockdown light: networking is everything!

Next meeting of our Chief Business Network on October 31st, this time right next to the network...

Sales workshop: Best advice for sales success

A business idea so good that it's a sure thing? - There is no such thing. Even the most brilliant...

Arkenshield – soon on Kickstarter

Arkenshield is a turn-based, – deck building – boardgame for 1 to 4 players. It combines components...