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Online visibility and the corresponding Google positioning are often the decisive prerequisite for successfully selling your own products and services and setting the course for the future. If the novelty value of the product is high and the competition in the market is large, another important parameter is the speed factor with which to obtain information about existing customers and potential buyers.

In order to receive important information, we offer as online resources 1. Search engine optimization, 2. Newsletters and 3. Blog guidance.



If newsletters are aimed more at presenting their own products and services, blogs place the focus clearly on the user or application side. Straight products and achievements, with a strong user relation can collect lots of pluses by contributions in "authentic" blogs.

Significant side-effect in terms of on-line visibility: Google weighted pure blog entries far more than only product information. In any case, it is important to establish the relationship with the user here:

Newsletters and blogs are best suited to quickly establish contact with existing customers and provide them with targeted information. Advantages are provided by the fact that they are regularly created and received, but can also be supplemented. Information about current products immediately attracts attention - possibly reinforced by parallel print information and  Google optimization on the website. However, an important prerequisite for this is that the newsletter and the blog are actually being used by existing customers. This is especially the case when it contains in the majority of information that are actually relevant for him! - Find the benefit for your customer in each post.

Blogs are not suitable for direct product promotion! Google "sees through" that; accordingly, the blog will be "punished" for that.

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Further information can be found in our PDF:




Newsletter or Blog what is more interesting for you?

Newsletter are particularly suitable for:

  • Direct information about products and services.
  • Establishing quickly and easily contact with own existing customers. This is ensured by the regular dispatch and reception.
  • Increase the relevance of the information and speed up its dissemination through "special expenditure".
  • The prerequisite for this is that the newsletter always contain relevant content. Only relevance ensures that the information contained therein is actually received.
  • Print information sent to the customer in parallel reinforces the effect of newsletters and increases the likelihood of perception.



Blogs are particularly suitable for: 

  • Passing on specific application or user information to the (potential) customer
  • Authenticity and immediacy play an essential role. Hidden product advertising is usually "punished" by Google as well as by the possible addressees
  • Good, "authentic" blogs maximally accelerate the rise in Google ranking and have a far-reaching impact on online visibility.
  • More dedication. The effort in creating blogs or blog entries is higher than for newsletters.


All clear? Let's continue:

You need help setting up a blog or creating a newsletter?

We offer you the technical know-how, substantive consequence and editorial competences. Specific requirements or requests? For us, of course, it's about a product that should be tailored to the special relationship between you and your customers.

Our contact person Matthias Brinkmann will be happy to assist you in preparing your vision.

Matthias Brinkmann

+49 (0)911 / 47 49 49 49

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