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More creative freedom
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Create an automated employee magazine

Create an automated employee magazine

  1. Customer has full control of the product. The Adobe Indesidn file can be adapted at any time without graphic knowledge.

  2. Word-like interface - Easy maintenance of content in different language versions.

  3. Costs for software and programming pay for themselves after a few expenses.

  4. fast and easy process with the copywriters, editors, translators and executives stress-free-lead.

  5. Whether outsourcing or insourcing processes: Automated publications offer you more space and freedom of design.

  6. Export to Internet - CMS systems like Typo3 or Wordpress as well as translation memory programs like Tradors are possible.

Whether image brochures, catalogs, press releases, data sheets, blogs, websites, customer or employee magazines: Who does not dream of submitting their entire corporate publishing "automatically" and thereby focusing on the really important content aspects! All the better, if he can still rely on the fact that all specifications of the corporate design are complied with and the complete processing, by default, takes place in a word-like XML editor and Adobe InDesign.
Both diehl aviation in Frankfurt and bionorica in Neumarkt successfully use this solution.

The good news is that the use of software for the fully automated production of publications is now so far advanced that even the implementation of complex templates, for example for the production of customer or employee magazines, with relatively little effort is possible. The editors can focus entirely on the content, the writing of the texts and the production of the image material.

Already with content management, the XML editor greatly simplifies editorial work. Thus, image or text files can be easily inserted into the new system, and the texts even entered directly into the existing mask. The editor always has the strings in his hand. He can customize the Adobe Indesign file to his own liking at every stage of the production process or make any corrections. No matter whether you want to expand your insourcing or outsource the production of your publications at a lower cost: you benefit from more planning freedom, more budget and creative freedom for your marketing activities!

Further information can be found in our PDF for download:


Automated publications - Workflow

All clear? Let's continue:

Do you need support in creating an automated publication?

We offer you the technical know-how, the substantive consequence and the editorial competence. Specific requirements or special requests? Do not hesitate to ask. The product should be tailored to the special relationship between you and your customers.

Our contact person Matthias Brinkmann will be happy to assist yoi in preparing your vision

Matthias Brinkmann

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